Slice of Dexter
I had become a perfect fake human, saying the stupid and pointless things that humans say to each other all day long. No one suspected what crouched behind my perfect imitation smile.
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Interviewer: You pretty much grew up in the movies. Who were your mentors, and how do you see your career going forward?

I learned from my parents a huge amount and I learned a lot from the crew and the cast on Harry Potter. I definitely think I have taken their good advice at heart and have tried to do the right things. If you look at the people whose careers I really admire, like Gary Oldman and David Thewlis, people I’ve worked with I’m talking about, I like to think that the choices I’m making these days will have their blessings. The next thing I’m doing is Frankenstein [playing Igor to James McAvoy’s Dr. Frankenstein] and, down the line, I just hope to continue acting for as long as I can. And then, ultimately one day I would like to direct, but I think that’s a long way off

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Best Couple, I can’t even!!

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How to make up after a ‘fight’ 101 by Clara and Vanessa

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